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The Night Dragonflies


an original art quilt measuring 14.5″ x 14.5″…

‘midst the sakura 

watching the dragonflies swoop

– mother and daughters

I’ve been experimenting with some available-light, longer-exposure night photography, and one of the photos I took a couple of months ago was of three wooden kokeshi dolls from Japan, their faces lit up only by candlelight.

I’ve also wanted to play with photo transfers on fabric for incorporating into an art quilt, and so my first foray used the kokeshi doll photo.  From there, I began imagining a scene, partly built on memory and partly on imagination.  A warm spring evening in Kyoto with cherry blossoms and my two daughters…watching the dragonflies swooping in the dusk… the setting sunlight playing on our faces…


2 thoughts on “The Night Dragonflies

  1. Hi Pat, it was nice to connect with you at our Clergy Excellence training. I love your creative quilting. Keep on blogging! -Manda

  2. your quilt certainly captures a night-time scene!

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